We launched Z-Billing at the SIIA NetGain event today

by Tien Tzuo


It’s a big day for everyone at Zuora! After a year in design and development. I’m very excited to announce the launch of our first product, Z-Billing. You can check out the press release here on our new Web site. Here’s a sampling of what press are saying so far about Z-Billing:








Preparing for this launch of Z-Billing has been an exciting time for us. We hear from subscription businesses all over the world that have been waiting for this kind of solution. Today we launched Z-Billing at the SIIA NetGain event here in San Francisco. Zuora is a SIIA Preview Award Winner, and we’re thrilled to be in such good company for this prestigious award.


While at Netgain, we saw a lot of different kinds of products as services, from language translation tools to emails apps for students. It seems our timing couldn’t be better and we hit a cord with people we talked to at the show. Some of the feedback we received after our presentation was “we’ve been waiting a long time for something like this” and “I wish I saw you years ago before trying to build our own billing platform.”


And to think just two years ago, many people still wondered if SaaS was a fad, now we can see it is not only hear to stay but more importantly, it’s just one example of how the Internet continues to transform our lives.

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