Zuora for Communications

Looking to get new services to market faster? Need flexibility to price and bill for new web services? Trying to connect with customers across any channel? It's time to move your communications billing and customer care to the cloud.

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The Future of Communications is in the Cloud

Telcos used to have it pretty good, with customers locked into lucrative voice plans and control over every service. But times have changed. Today device manufacturers, ISV's, and cloud services from companies like Apple, Google, Netflix and Skype own the customer. Providers need to reinvent themselves before collapsing as pure commodities. But decades old OSS/BSS technologies like Amdocs only serve to keep carriers in the dark ages. It's time for the future of communications. It's time for a new breed of technology that will help them launch new services, deploy telecom billing in the cloud and better connect with their customers. It's time for Zuora for Communications.

Leading service providers around the globe have moved to the cloud for communications billing and customer care from Zuora and Salesforce.com. Why? The cloud is faster, more flexible, and more scalable. That means communications service providers can move quickly to launch new services, streamline telecom billing and hold onto their customers.

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Launch Any New Service Fast

Zuora was designed with modern cloud services in mind. You've got the flexibility you need to package and price any new service with one time charges, recurring charges, or sophisticated usage based pricing. The best part? Any changes are immediately pushed out to every channel: back office, front office, websites and partner portals.

Case Study: Tata
Tata deploys enterprise-billing platform for new cloud services, InstaCompute, in only 60 days

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Connect with your Customers Anywhere

As a combined solution with salesforce.com, Zuora for Communications lets you manage customer interactions across every channel: on the web, in your call center, and through your sales reps and partners. You can shop for services, create quotes and orders, process upgrades or downgrades, and manage customer renewals.

Case Study: Vocalocity
Vocalocity automates subscription billing across 3 channels for over 10,000 businesses with Zuora

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Move Telecom Billing Complexity to the Cloud

Zuora delivers the industry leading rating and communications billing engine. That means no matter how complex your services or how frequently your customers change their subscriptions, you can easily and instantly create invoices, accept secure payments, and manage key metrics like Monthly Recurring Revenue and Total Contract Value. Telecom billing belongs in the cloud. Zuora can help.

Case Study: Xplornet
Xplornet, deploying Canada's first national 4G network, selects Zuora to move to the cloud

“From the beginning, Zuora was part of our launch plans because of the clear competitive advantage it gives Elevate. If I want to launch 20 new products or packages tomorrow, I can. Our competitors with older on-premise technology simply cannot keep pace.” — Bryan Ferre, CMO
“We selected Zuora for Communications over may alternatives as Zuora has built a complete billing solution. Zuora's native integration with Salesforce.com provides us with many advantages including an ease of implementation.” — Wain Kellum, CEO