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Cloud Billing: SaaS Billing & Subscription Management

According to Forrester, the cloud services market is expected to grow to over $240 billion by 2020. To seize the opportunities and thrive in this fast growing market, you need to build an operational structure that is cost effective and scalable.

But are you finding that the current systems you’re running your business on are holding you back? 

Z-Business for Cloud Services enables you to grow revenues and scale by rapidly bringing new services to market without being held back by operational constraints.

If you're a SaaS company...

The SaaS delivery model is proven, and the market for it is growing rapidly. However, there's inherent complexity behind the SaaS model, complexity most companies are not prepared for. Your customers are now expecting on-demand offerings, usage-based pricing, free trials, multiple editions, product bundlings and so on.

To drive revenue, SaaS companies need to offer their customers innovative packaging and pricing options with the SaaS billing and subscription management system to support it. But to do so, companies need a system that not only offers creative pricing but can support subscription management like upgrades/downgrades, add-ons, automated renewals and intuitive SaaS billing without burdening your finance and billing operational teams.

Designed for the physical world of manufacturing, direct sales, and one-time orders, ERP systems simply cannot handle this change. And building a system from scratch is way too costly, slow and distracting.

Z-Business for Cloud Services offers a powerful end-to-end cloud solution that delivers flexible pricing, rating and SaaS billing, manages the entire subscription lifecycle of your customer and provides real time insights into key subscription metrics.

If you're a IaaS or PaaS company...

Today, applications developers expect infrastructure and platform services that are on-demand, flexible, and delivered via a usage-based model.

For Iaas and PaaS vendors, the difference between leading the market and following is the ability to differentiate yourself with new offerings, priced along multiple dimensions, the way your market demands. To do so, demands a new operational structure. One that keeps pace with the need to effortlessly meter, price and bill for dynamic cloud services.

Unfortunately, your homegrown and traditional ERP systems lack the pricing and packaging flexibility critical to launching new services or growing market share with existing offerings, require heavy engineering investments, and prolong time-to-market.

You need a system designed solely with the intent to simplify and automate the complex operational needs of launching new offerings to new markets, and responding to market demands rapidly.

Z-Business for Cloud Services offers a powerful end-to-end cloud solution that delivers flexible pricing, rating and billing, manages the entire subscription lifecycle of your customer and provides real time insights into key customer value metrics.

Saas billing | Zuora

Launch any service. Without constraints.

On-demand, reservation, location-based, off-peak pricing? Prepaid, overage, in advance, in arrears, discount charge models? Combinations of the above? Want to charge users per terabyte stored, IP address, gigabyte transferred, CPU instance, application user, or anything else? Zuora supports unlimited charge models with the ability to make changes in real-time to adapt to market conditions.

Innovative Subscription Pricing & Packaging Strategies

Order, rate, bill, collect. Simply.

Taking orders via the web or through your cloud management portal? Or do you have direct sales or parter sales teams taking high value orders? Zuora's flexible APIs make online commerce a breeze in any portal, and our deep saleforce integration provides a seamless quoting and ordering experience for all your sales channels. And if your customers are demanding flexible payment options, consolidated bills, or itemized bills or all of the above, then rest easy. Zuora automates and streamlines your IaaS, PaaS or SaaS billing and payment operations so you can scale grow your business without hiring a back-office army.

Blueprint for the Cloud

Saas billing | Zuora

Cloud billing | Zuora

Respond to customer demands. Easily.

Not only does Z-Business handle a customer's first purchase, but it also handles the lifecycle complexities of mid-term upgrades, downgrades, add-ons, renewals, cancellations, and more.

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Managing Subscriptions in the Cloud

The right metrics. Better decisions.

Z-Business' accounting close tools enables you to quickly summarize and reconcile even the highest volume of transactions and get real-time visibility into collections. And toss the spreadsheets -- with Z-Business you have reports that give you real time insights into key subscription metrics, as well as insights into your A/R and revenue operations.

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Ten Metrics that you can't get from your Conventional Billing System

Cloud billing | Zuora
“With Zuora, we’ll be able to take our freemium product, with literally millions of users and allow them to easily upgrade -- it’s just something we couldn't have done before.”— Tom Gosner, Founder, DocuSign