Moving to a Recurring Revenue Model?
Zuora can help.

Solutions for a recurring revenue model in every industry

Today, businesses in every industry are moving to a recurring revenue model. From cloud storage and software delivered as a service to streaming digital media, membership services and electronic health records - you need a solution to meet rapid changes in demand and delivery. A better business thrives on delivering value and cultivates strong customer relationships. That’s how you build a sustainable recurring revenue stream.

What's your role?

Regardless of your role, you are undoubtedly feeling the impact of the new world order of commerce. And you need a solution that sets you up for success.

Complete visibility into the customer. Period.

As a business leader, you’re looking to grow top line revenue through subscription services. But, a jump in customer churn and increasing operational costs would tank your operating plan. You need complete visibility into to all customers, revenue and financial data. Things like: CMRR by product line, who your most valued customers are, what your churn rate is, and your company's cash flow for the next 3-5 years.

Zuora frees you up so you can focus on your recurring revenue model without worrying about operational complexity. Launch any service, attack any new market, or acquire any subscription company. Get complete visibility into how your services are performing, the value of your customers, and the way billings, cash, revenue and churn are trending.

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Pricing & packaging: Your New Strategic Weapon

Choosing the right pricing strategies that make a recurring revenue model work can be a challenge. It’s all about experimenting with new ideas, but you’re constrained by the limitations of IT and Finance. With these limitations, how can you tailor your subscription plans? How can you launch promotions into specific market segments to drive new customers? And how are you expected to upsell your existing subscribers in this recurring revenue model?

Zuora's subscription pricing catalog gives you the flexibility to create any type of pricing plan, bundle, promotion or offer to drive new customer acquisition. We give you an upsell strategy into your installed base, and you can even change pricing on the fly to react to competition or market conditions. And you get all that without waiting for IT resources or worrying Finance.

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Pricing & Product Innovation

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Close Your Books Faster

In the recurring revenue model, cash flow sometimes just doesn’t keep up. You’re drowning in paperwork trying to calculate prorated charges and getting invoice items to align. And every pricing tweak that marketing introduces just makes things worse.

Zuora's rating and billing system takes care of all those complex subscription invoicing and payments details for you. Get invoices out faster, paid more quickly, and reduce your overhead. Track revenue recognition codes and easily integrate into your GL to close your books in days, not weeks or months. Keep tabs on the metrics that matter, like monthly recurring revenue (MRR), customer lifetime value, and days sales outstanding (DSO).

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Optimizing Sales and Billing Operations

In the old days, one-time charges made managing the quote-to-cash process a breeze. In the Subscription Economy, on the other hand, it’s a juggling act. You need to handle continuous revenue increases from your install base and also focus on optimizing your sales team for maximum efficiency. Bottom line? You need a system that can help improve how you operate in a recurring revenue model.

For a subscription business, sales and billing are two sides of the same coin. Zuora helps you integrate and automate these operations for a more fluid, controlled quote-to-cash process. And, Zuora scales right along with you so you can focus on driving renewals.

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Delivering a Scalable, Reliable Platform

Subscriptions are complex. Between mid-cycle changes, recurring billing, new revenue recognition patterns and ever-evolving pricing strategies, legacy systems can’t manage the new complicated processes that subscriptions require. If it takes you months to make a single price change, or your team is wasting hours doing manual or duplicate entry, you’re not operating at maximum efficiency. Rather than trying to force legacy systems to awkwardly manage subscription business complexities, there are more efficient, effective solutions.

With enterprise-grade security, state-of-the-art data center operation and a core platform that’s built to organically scale to massive volumes, you can move subscription management to the cloud. Zuora offers a cloud-based subscription management solution that snaps into your existing infrastructure. Take back hours of valuable time and resources. Save your team from frustrating ground-up projects. With the Zuora platform, you can finally shift your focus from keeping the lights to adding real IT value to your organization.