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“I needed a solution that would scale and grow, in an environment where I would not worry about the infrastructure.” Cathy MacDonald, EVP, IT
— Xplornet
Zuora's Platform - Online Billing Solutions for Subscription Commerce

Zuora: One Killer Platform

Zuora’s platform and engineering strategy leverages industry-leading technologies and best practices. It’s worked, and Zuora’s constant innovation has led to a market-leading solution that is superior not just in product features, but also in:


Enterprise-Grade Security

Zuora maintains the following types of compliance and certifications.

Platform Security

Network security protocols

Application encription and continuous security testing

Logs and regular tests for vulnerability

Handling of PCI compliant and encripted user data

Application Security

Access defined by customized roles and IP address restrictions

Granular user permissions for various processes

Email notifications routed through your own email server for more control

2-step authentication for user security

Segmented and restricted data visibility for multiple business units

Data Center Operations

Our platform is hosted on two state-of-the-art data centers, located in two separate disaster zones, that are 100% synchronized. Facilities are monitored 24/7 by a security staff. We are dedicated to high standards for both redundancy and data recovery.

Redundancy & DR Practices

Sub-second data replication across all data center facilities

Industry-standard backup and storage protocols

Backups are tested on a regular cadence, often daily, at a minimum weekly

Quarterly mock failover exercises

Core Scalability

Zuora’s core platform has been architected from the ground up to organically scale to massive volumes.


On average, the response time for Zuora’s synchronous transactions range from 5ms to 300ms. These transactions include the real-time creation of new subscriptions and changes to existing subscriptions. The system is benchmarked to process 375 orders per seconds per tenants.

Horizontal Scalability

Zuora’s system architecture and application are designed to scale horizontally at the web/application level, messaging infrastructure level and at the database level.

Flexible Integrations

Zuora’s open APIs, consisting of REST APIs and SOAP APIs, help integrate your Zuora tenant into other systems. Regardless of what CRM, general ledger, or self-service system you are currently using, Zuora can easily plug into your IT architecture and help get your business up and running