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“I needed a solution that would scale and grow, in an environment where I would not worry about the infrastructure.” Cathy MacDonald, EVP, IT
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Zuora's Platform - Online Billing Solutions for Subscription Commerce

Our Platform

Are you launching a new subscription business or product? Great! The good news is the subscription revenue model is the most financially rewarding model out there today. The bad news? Monetizing and managing a subscription business is hard. But don't fret -- this is where Zuora shines.

Why waste talent and resources building and installing your own subscription commerce infrastructure? Just as you can get storage from Amazon as a service, or run an application engine from Google as a service, why not get access to subscription commerce as a service through a bunch of web service calls?

Introducing Zuora's Platform -- the first open platform that's easy, scalable and secure. Our Platform provides a full commerce-as-a-service solution that lets developers plug in Commerce, Billing and Finance management services with just a few lines of code - and start getting paid.

One killer platform.

It's open...

Zuora Subscription Commerce - Open Online Billing Platform

Zuora's Platform is completely transparent. Everything you can do in the Zuora user interface you can do through the API. For instance, users have seamless access to all objects, such as customers and accounts, and all process workflows, such as notifications and bill runs. What's even more convincing? Our Platform is the very platform our developers use to develop new features. And, as our team releases new features, the functionality is automatically exposed via the API.

It's scalable...

Zuora Subscription Commerce - Scalable Online Billing Platform

Since we own our platform infrastructure, we own our quality. We won't break you from release to release, our architecture is scalable so we'll grow with you and our APIs do not change, making backwards compatibility a guarantee.

It's easy...

Zuora Subscription Commerce - Easy Online Billing Platform

With the Z-Commerce Platform, there's no guessing, no time-consuming trial-and-error process. Through our vast online library, you have access to all Z-Commerce APIs and sample code built around real world workflows, making it easy for developers to quickly plug in to the desired Commerce, Billing and Finance services. So, whether you're a SOAP or REST purist, using Java or Ruby, we've got you covered. All because we believe a good SaaS business should align their technology to their customers' needs, not dictate their customers technology.

And best of all, it's secure.

Zuora Subscription Commerce - Secure Online Billing Platform

Here at Zuora, we've developed an enterprise-grade disaster recovery procedure modeled after our team's experience at companies like Saleforce, Webex and Netsuite. Not to mention, you can feel confident processing payments through our Platform knowing Zuora is PCI level one compliant. In other words, running your subscription business on Zuora's platform is a no-sweat situation.

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“Imagine focusing on the kind of business you want to have without the constraints of the systems that you have in place today.” — Chris Purpura, VP & GM Cloud Platform - MuleSoft