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Xplornet Communications Inc., deploying Canada's first national 4G network, selects Zuora to move to the cloud

Xplornet Communications Inc., deploying Canada's first national 4G network, selects Zuora to move to the cloud

In October 2010, Xplornet Communications Inc. announced that it would create Canada's first national 4G network by levering its hybrid terrestrial and satellite network. The fixed wireless network, which will comprise about 1,200 towers, will be capable of network speeds of 40 Mbps, improving to over 100 Mbps by next year. Their new network will provide customers three to ten times more bandwidth than today's 3G HSPA-enabled packages.

Xplornet Communications wanted more flexibility and agility to launch their new offerings and to better service customers online.. Their customer acquisition, billing and payments and customer services processes included some time-consuming manual settlements. Xplornet Communications wanted a more a consolidated billing and payments platform for national and dealer accounts.

Now that Xplornet has been brought to market, Xplornet enjoys the ability to flexibly change their pricing when compared to traditional models. “In a traditional environment it becomes onerous and takes weeks to plan, test and implement,” explained Cathy MacDonald, EVP of IT for Xplornet.

Xplornet is using Zuora to launch new products and services rapidly and grow their business rapidly. With Zuora, Xplornet can connect with customers across the Web, over the phone, and on mobile devices.

Cathy MacDonald, Xplornet EVP of IT sees time-to-market as a huge benefit to working with Zuora and Salesforce. Both services were implemented in a year-- a blistering pace compared to the standards of traditional telco companies. Even more impressively, Xplornet had to launch both fixed wireless and satellite 4G services as part of its 4G rollout-- complex variables that makes the time-to-market even more impressive.

And looking with an eye towards future growth, MacDonald and her team look forward to taking advantage of rapid iteration of Zuora’s offerings: “We see continuous improvement ahead and from a Salesforce/Zuora perspective, they do rapid iteration and changes to their products, so we will be able to piggyback on changes they make for companies a lot bigger than us. We will benefit from the cloud iteration schedule to be able to continually improve our environment.”

Xplornet’s business has also been able to flow better thanks to its early partnership with Zuora. Instead of investing in a costly homegrown billing system or trying to make an on premise piece work to their specs, Xplornet went with Zuora from the beginning.

Xplornet Communications selected Zuora's Subscription Commerce solution for its Enterprise scale. With Zuora for Comms and Salesforce CRM, Xplornet Communications automates pricing, quoting, orders, billing and payments and customer care capabilities such as change orders, customer cases and renewals. Xplornet Communications offers self-service with a consolidated billing and payments platform for more than 130,000 customers and 700 dealers.

“When you set aside the fact that you don’t have the infrastructure and data center pieces to worry about,” MacDonald explained, “you really can focus on the true value of the project which is the applications and what they can do for your business. ” — Cathy MacDonald, EVP, IT
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