Xactly Automates Quote to Cash to Renewal With Zuora and Salesforce

Sales compensation is one of the prime motivators for a company’s success. With the right incentives in place a company can increase profits, control expenses and drive consistent quarter-over-quarter results. Xactly empowers companies to do just that. Xactly has become the market leader in on-demand sales compensation and performance management, enabling companies of all sizes to design, implement, manage, audit and optimize sales compensation management programs. While that all sounds like roses, offering such a powerful SaaS solution is complex without the right back-end billing and payment solution.

Complexity is inherent in SaaS offerings. Your customer can make plan changes in the middle of a billing period, add and remove users at different times, add or remove capabilities, change contract terms, update support levels...the list goes on. The challenge for Xactly was having the technology in place to accurately track all these subscription details, while pro-rating and aligning all their subscription charges to the right dates.

The nail in the coffin for Xactly’s legacy system came when invoices totaling $200K were unnecessarily delayed. Something had to change.

Xactly knew building their own system would be too costly. And they knew that whatever solution they chose, it would be crucial that it plug into the ecosystem they had already built.

Zuora gave them exactly what they needed. A system that delivered the flexibility to price and package how they needed to, to manage the entire customer lifecycle from quote to cash to renewal, and to easily integrate with Xactly’s ecosystem.

Today, Xactly has a timely and accurate invoice process with invoices coming from Zuora. Not to mention, clear financial payback through better visibility to sales data and metrics, increased finance efficiency, and greater alignment of expenses and revenue. Xactly’s CEO, Chris Cabrera sums it up, “It has been a very, very positive experience. I have no complaints or qualms about it. With Zuora, our billing system is a whole order magnitude better than what we had before.”

“As a CEO I need to get at the data quickly and do calculations to understand what is happening with the business. With Zuora I have it at my fingertips.” — Christopher Cabrera, CEO
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