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Tata Utilizes Zuora’s Billing Platform to Launch New Service, Cut Time to Market in Half

Tata is the £1.54bn global telecommunications services arm of the larger £43.2bn Tata Group. Tata’ expansive global network provides connectivity to over 200 countries and nearly 1 million square feet of data centre and collocation space world-wide.

The company recently set out to differentiate itself from its competitors by offering a fully automated, self-provisioned pay-per-use computing and storage solution, providing enterprise-scale cloud computing to businesses worldwide. This service, called InstaCompute, required Tata to seek a billing partner that was quick to market, flexible, and scalable. They found that partner in Zuora, the subscription billing, commerce, and finance leader in the Cloud.

“When Tata decided to get into the Infrastructure as a Service space, it was a strategy to combine our traditional hosting services along with our networking services which encapsulate growth IP transit services, MPLS services and combining compute,” explained Matt Leonard, Cloud Computing product manager at Tata.

Tata was keen to be able to push InstaCompute to market quickly in order to be ahead of the game in capturing the attention of the enterprise market. But Tata’s team realized that Tata’s existing payment infrastructure was not adequate enough to accommodate this new service. This created the potential inconvenience of a lengthy overhaul, which threatened to be time consuming, particularly in a period when all telco’s are looking to move swiftly into potential new revenue-streams.

To avoid this overhaul, Tata engaged Zuora to enable it to deploy its new cloud service. Tata was able to deploy Zuora’s enterprise subscription billing platform in just 60 days, enabling it to cut its time to market in half. Zuora was also able to offer a metered, cloud based payment system as part of its subscriptions platform offering.

Zuora’s platform provided Tata’s customer base previously unavailable features such as the ability to sign-up online, daily usage rating, calculations to process over 70, 000 transactions each day and a pay-per-use charge model to support billing in multiple currencies.

With the deployment of Zuora’s bespoke metering and billing engine, Tata has been empowered to offer any cloud offering it chooses. Beyond that, it can now automatically generate region-specific invoices in multiple currencies and offer customers 100 per cent self-service with the ability to view storage usage 24/7 online in real-time.

Matt Leonard explains: “We basically got Zuora up and running in two months, which was extremely fast for us. Especially compared to what it would take us to modify our internal billing systems.”

“Zuora’s ability to meet our rapid go-to-market timelines and its vision for the future of the cloud makes it the ideal partner for Tata.” — Matt Leonard, IaaS Product Management
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