Ricoh Launches New Product, Making it Easier than Ever to Buy

Ricoh's interface

As the 73-year-old leading supplier of office automation equipment and electronics, Ricoh Americas Corporation has no doubt become a household name in the business world. Their fully integrated hardware and software products help businesses share information efficiently and effectively by enabling customers to control input, management and output of documents.

However, in order to maintain their market leadership they looked to launching a full online commerce product via Sites. But this is easier said than done. They needed support for complicated tax structures for more than 20K records and a way to intregrate to to track compensation. They soon discovered the cost of building this themselves was astronomical and a waste of talent.

With Zuora, Ricoh launched their new product on time and with no surprises! Zuora has enabled Ricoh to take orders directly from their website, making it easier than ever for customers to buy. Today, Ricoh is equipped launch additional products easily and quickly.

“With Zuora, we were able to put a 'Buy Now' button on our website and embed it in free trials to take orders directly from our website.” — Yuki Uchida, VP Solutions and Services Division
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