Zuora Helps an Information Publisher Increase Invoicing Efficiency


  • Needed comprehensive functionality including support for RBI's sophisticated charge models
  • Needed a solution that integrated easily with RBI's back-office systems
  • Needed a solution that was easy to implement
  • Needed a solution that was affordable and did not require significant investment in retooling existing systems
  • Needed a vendor that is innovative and dependable

Why Zuora?

  • No other solution in the market compares with the comprehensive functionality that Zuora provides for subscription management and billing
  • Zuora offers out of the box integration with all back office applications, particularly
  • Zuora's SaaS architecture enables fast and easy implementation Zuora's SaaS pricing model avoids large up front expenses
  • Zuora is an innovative company that has proven to be responsive to RBI's needs.

Company Background

Reed Business Information is a leading global provider of information and marketing solutions to decision makers and professionals, with more than 400 market leading publications and websites, as well as a range of other services.

“Zuora was one of the few solutions we found that really addressed the issue of subscription management and billing in a flexible and efficient way. Coupled with the cost, implementation and on-going benefits of a SaaS solution, Zuora was the obvious choice.” — Dan Olley, CIO
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