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Narnia Goes Digital:
Publishing Company Pearson Expands to Digital Distribution

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Percy Jackson's Lightning just got brighter. The Worst Witch series just got, well, worser. And more children can journey to Narnia. Thanks to Zuora's subscription commerce platform, leading learning company Pearson is redefining publishing.

Pearson is using Zuora to open up its content to third-party developers and create not only new monetization streams but an entirely new business model for the languishing publishing industry. Working with Zuora, Pearson was able to launch this new initiative in less than 30 days. Now, with the help of Zuora, iconic children's book characters like the Young Olympians, Mildred Hubble, and Aslan can reach new audiences.

Pearson is the world's leading learning company, operating the famed Penguin and Puffin publishing houses as well as offering educational materials and services, information through its ownership of the Financial Times Group. Pearson serves learners of all ages around the globe, employing 36,000 people in more than 70 countries, and is listed on the London and New York stock exchanges. The company is perhaps most known for publishing Penguin Books and its subsidiary Puffin Books, two big players in the world of books and literature. Ask any elementary school kid in America, and they've likely read a Puffin or Penguin Book.

But the publishing industry isn't what it used to be, and so in 2011 Pearson decided to move towards a more digital distribution model for its multi platform business. Pearson turned to Zuora to help monetize Pearson Plug & Play, a new platform initiative that invites developers to create new ways to use, display, and blend the company's award-winning content. The launch of the Plug & Play Platform is part of a wider Pearson initiative to work with developers to explore new and innovative offerings while digitizing more and more of their overall publishing model.

Enabling a rapid launch of the Pearson Plug & Play initiative by a small team with an extremely limited budget, Zuora has helped Pearson become one of the first publishers to harness the creativity of third-party developers to drive new market and revenue opportunities around its content.

“Zuora provided both the flexible subscription commerce technology and the expertise we needed to get the financial aspects of Pearson Plug & Play up and running at lightning speed, enabling us to connect people with content in new, exciting, and valuable ways.” — Diana Stepner, Head of Future Technologies, Pearson PLC
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