DocuSign Simultaneously Increases Customer Satisfaction and Expands Offerings

We may live in the age of the paperless office, but that doesn't mean we've outgrown the need for signatures. Obtaining signatures on invoices, contracts, and important business documents is still a necessity for modern businesses. Thankfully, there's DocuSign's electronic signature service, allowing millions of customers and businesses to sign documents in the cloud.

DocuSign supports more than 20 million customers on its platform, ranging from small companies purchasing on a per seat basis online to Fortune 100 companies buying via the DocuSign sales team. The company has experienced lightning-speed growth, more than doubling its user base from 2010-2011.

But for a small company, such growth also had some unintended side-effects. The company's homegrown billing system couldn't adequately support DocuSign's wide range of customers and expanding set of services and subscription options. DocuSign's homegrown billing system was also incapable of consolidating all of its data on churn, monthly accounts, and growth into one place.

Not only was DocuSign's billing system not up to the daily upkeep of a subscription business, but it was also stymying potential growth: DocuSign couldn't build the billing back-end it needed to bring more flexibility to its plan options. The marketing department, for example, was unable to promote new offers and programs because the billing system could not support them.

The company turned to Zuora to alleviate its billing headaches because only Zuora was able to offer a simple, seamless solution for supporting the literally thousands of plans that the company offers its customers. DocuSign deployed Zuora's subscription commerce platform to support the entire spectrum of its subscription-based services, from freemium trial services to highly structured annual billing relationships. Finally, DocuSign had a system where churn, accounts, and growth could be seen in one consolidated location.

Through DocuSign's integration with Salesforce CRM, Zuora's partner, the implementation process with Zuora was seamless and quick, making it easy for DocuSign to continue to grow its business without missing a beat. As a subscription-based business, customer satisfaction is critical and, with the Zuora platform, DocuSign has been able to both increase customer satisfaction and expand its offerings simultaneously.

“Zuora was the clear choice because it understands how important customers are and has offered us amazing flexibility to not only alleviate existing billing headaches but to brainstorm new and exciting plans to offer our customers. With Zuora, the sky is truly the limit.” — Tom Gosner, Founder
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