CollabNet No Longer Spends 25% of Their Roadmap on a Billing Platform

Launching new ventures in the Cloud can be a headache. When CollabNet wanted to launch a new service, they realized a different pricing model based on users and usage was surpassing what their utility based billing infrastructure could support. But as they began to build their venture, CollabNet was ultimately transforming from a utility pricing model to a subscription pricing model and recognized that without having the right billing infrastructure in place, they would spend more time on their billing than they would actually delivering their service. “You want to be building our core competency which is great collaborative software development services and instead we’re figuring out and trying to work through how to actually bill them,” explained Guy Marion, the Vice President and General Manager for the Cloud Services business at CollabNet.

We were able to outsource billing to the company that does billing best

CollabNet Cloud Services did their due diligence evaluating a number of solutions. However, when it came down to decision making, CollabNet Cloud Services was attracted by Zuora’s proven background & Salesforce pedigree, expertise in the Subscription Economy and our clear commitment to our customers.


Prior to becoming a Zuora customer, “we previously spent about 25% of our road map on a billing platform which is pretty much shooting yourself in the foot as a start-up SaaS company” explained Marion. For an innovative technology company, you need to be building out your core competency, not wasting time and resources on figuring out how to bill for it. With Zuora, CollabNet Cloud Services was able to refocus on what they do best - helping developers build great software, not manage a complex back-office.

“Zuora brought a whole new angle to the story,” explained Marion. “We were able to outsource billing to the company that does billing best, always flexible, always available way in which we can update our pricing as our needs change and we’re able to have customers be more satisfied with our services because they feel like they’re getting what they’re paying for as opposed to being forced into buying something they don’t really want.”

Essentially, Zuora changed how CollabNet was able to deliver services to their customers. Whether CollabNet wanted to price by utility, users, or service level, they are able to leverage the flexibility and speed behind Zuora’s leading subscription commerce platform to provision a range of pricing plans based around what resonated not only with their current customers based, but new markets as well.

“Zuora’s clearly committed to the customer, to the subscription lifecycle and they stand entirely behind everything they represent.”— Guy Marion, VP & GM Cloud Services
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