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Zuora Serves as Catalyst as BranchOut Spreads Roots

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With millions of users in 60 countries and 15 languages, BranchOut helps its members leverage their Facebook friend networks to find jobs, source sales leads, recruit talent, and foster relationships with professional contacts. BranchOut also operates the largest job board on Facebook with over 3 million jobs and over 20,000 internships.
The company's goal is simple: to continue to grow and become the go-to social network for aspiring professionals. During its initial launch, BranchOut deployed Salesforce CRM to manage all sales activities, but soon realized that in order for its business to succeed, its subscription billing had to match its growth. BranchOut grew its membership by 25X in January 2012 alone, a nightmare for most billing platforms. On the advice of its partner, BranchOut turned to Zuora because of its expertise in subscription commerce, especially renewals and highly flexible price quote capabilities.

Using Zuora and Salesforce CRM in tandem has allowed BranchOut's billing, provisioning and sales departments to automate billing and renewals while staying in sync. The sales team in particular has enjoyed new visibility into every account, leading to increased renewal rates and a reduction in the entire sales cycle to a third of its former time. Now, BranchOut's sales team is able to go from verbal agreement to quote to term to contract in less than six hours.
Billing automation has also saved staffing and man-hours for BranchOut since they no longer require billing specialists to send, collect and record invoices. Of course, billing automation keeps customers happy, letting them choose their bill date and make ePayments in a compliant manner via this zero-touch billing cycle.
Now, BranchOut can continue to grow its roots in Facebook, expanding its network of professionals without worrying if its billing can keep pace.

“Partnering with Zuora has let us simplify our business processes and concentrate on continuing our rapid growth. The support team has been amazing from implementation to customization. I consider deploying the Zuora platform one of the best business decisions I have ever made because I know that when we soon hit our growth inflection point Zuora will be able to grow with us and help us reach amazing new heights. ” — Kai Fortney, Analyst, BranchOut
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