Box Expands into Enterprise Market, Scales With Zuora

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Box is quickly becoming a household name. Since 2005, Box has established itself the leader in secure online content management, file sharing, and web collaboration, signing 100,000+ businesses with millions of individual users.

Scaling our subscription business to what it is today simply wouldn't have been possible without Zuora.
But a company doesn’t transition from a dorm room idea to the leader in the market without making some extremely smart decisions along the way. In order to accelerate their growth, Box needed to transform from a consumer product to an enterprise business application. Easier said than done. It wasn’t long before this transformation was at a standstill when they realized their original infrastructure couldn’t handle the shift and fell short of managing the complexities behind scaling to an enterprise platform. Net-net? They couldn’t run their enterprise subscription business on a payment gateway. Issue after issue was arising.

Box’s team couldn’t change their pricing quickly to react as consumer and market needs change. Furthermore, they didn’t have a system that manages upsells, add-ons, and change orders for their millions of users and 100,000+ businesses. And finally, they needed to be PCI compliant to process thousands of credit card transactions.

In 2008, Box partnered with Zuora to align their strategic initiative of launching an enterprise solution to a platform that would support scale in a subscription business.
With Zuora, Box has a scalable and flexible platform that enables them to continue to expand into the enterprise market. Flexibility has been key in Box’s success. With Zuora’s billing, commerce and finance platform they’ve been able to experiment with their pricing dozens of times as a way to target new enterprise segments, as well as handle every upsell, add-on, and change order that came their way. Today, Box can easily manage the subscriptions of their 100,000+ customers, and have confidence that the next 100,000+ will be as simple and easy to manage as the first.

“Scaling our subscription business to what it is today simply wouldn't have been possible without Zuora.” — Dylan Smith, CFO
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