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"The Zuora billing platform has met our business goals."

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Zuora Helps Acquia Cloud and their Drupal Gardens Grow to Over 100,000 Websites

Acquia’s mission isn’t impossible, though it often seems it. The Massachusetts based company simply wants to help customers deliver exceptional web experiences using the power of the Drupal open-source social publishing platform. Acquia has developed a reputation as the leading commercial provider of products and services to support customer success on Drupal. After launching with Zuora as its billing platform, Acquia’s products and services have reached new audiences... and new heights.

“With over 2000 enterprise customers and our cloud hosting platform handling well over one billion page views a month, Acquia enables companies to realize the full power of Drupal while minimizing risk.” explains Chris Brookins, VP Engineering and Product Management at Acquia.


Challenge: Needed a scalable subscription management solution

Solution: Z-Business

  • Provides business agility
  • Powers all credit card-based commerce

Drupal is a popular open-source project with hundreds of thousands of users, second most in the open-source space after Linux. Open-source Drupal has been adopted by small and large scale websites alike-- including high profile names such as Al Jazeera, Warner Music, the SF Examiner, and The New York Stock Exchange.  As the enterprise guide to Drupal, many of these companies are also Acquia’s customers.

The Need for Scalability

In the early days, Acquia’s engineers built their own billing solution for processing payments.  As Acquia’s user base grew, the subscription model rapidly evolved into multiple revenue streams. As a result, the homegrown billing solution became “a distracting thorn in our side,” explains Brookins.  Driven by commitment to its customers, Acquia’s team recognized that they needed to find a new billing solution that would meet their current needs and scale as they continue to grow.

“We rely on our partnership with Zuora to help us provide exceptional service to our customers. If you’re launching a product in the Cloud that needs subscription billing, talk to Zuora.” — Chris Brookins, VP Engineering and Product management, Acquia

Processing a High Volume of Credit Card Transactions

In 2010 Acquia launched the Drupal SaaS solution, Drupal Gardens. Acquia turned to Zuora-- as an alternative to their homegrown billing solution -- to help process high volumes of credit card transactions on Drupal Gardens.  Acquia chose Zuora to meet the larger volume and allow the engineering team to focus on adding value to their products instead of enhancing their current billing solution.

Acquia ultimately integrated the new billing platform based on Zuora in 2011. Brookins enthuses, “the Zuora billing platform has met our business goals delivering the business agility we need and the uptime our customers demand.”

Drupal Gardens now serves tens of thousands of websites and Zuora is an important part of that solution. Since the integration with Drupal Gardens was so successful, Acquia opted to extend the Zuora implementation to manage billing for their Dev Cloud and Acquia Network services as well. Today Zuora powers all of Acquia’s credit card based commerce.

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